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Back to reality and back to lunch duty… with salted oranges.

Getting up this morning was… not… easy… I don’t know what Parker’s excuse was, but […]

PB&J and quiche… Together at last!

This one was a total experiment. And it totally worked. You’re going to want to […]

Second helpings already? How about a side of OMG?

I have to interrupt your regularly scheduled lunch box feed to share some total awesomeness. […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Rachael Ray

Here’s a woman who not only totally gets my lunch packing philosophy… She also totally […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Elizabeth Karmel

So yesterday in between bouts of badminton with Parker and struggling to get a wood-fired […]

If you don’t want vegetables for breakfast, don’t sleep until lunch

This does not bode well for Parker’s first day of school. For the past week […]

Brilliant? Me? Well, who am I to argue with Oprah?

Because if she wants to call the recipes and ideas in “Beating the Lunch Box […]

A sunny lunch with a cheese you’ll want to make. Now!

Still on the lake. And still relaxing. This morning has been spent boating and reading […]

Cake for dinner? Back to reality with cherry clafouti

Last week’s trip to New York was nothing short of awesome. Parker and I had […]

A simple lunch for a busy week

No bells or whistles in today’s lunch. Just basic good food. Truth is, I’m kind […]