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My top 10 go-to lunch box-friendly pantry staples, Part 1

If I have ever given the impression that I know what I’m doing. If I […]

1 lunch. 3 varieties of pig. 1 happy boy.

I didn’t plan on a triple-pig lunch. It just kind of happened that way. I […]

Lunch ideas from YOU! And a Rubbermaid lunch gear giveaway

Battling the lunch box blues can be a two-way street. Over the years that I’ve […]

Of George Lucas, profanity and phyllo dough

Yesterday afternoon, Parker and I wrestled with a different kind of word problem. “You know […]

Why fruit is like toilet paper… And 16 quick-and-easy dinner recipes

Fruit is kind of like toilet paper. No matter how much of it I have […]

Chicken and biscuits with a side of power smoothie

So that almond-coated roasted broccoli I’ve been talking about so much? Still no video, but […]

Carpaccio as a quick and easy lunch? Yes!

Seriously. Today’s lunch took me more time to photograph than to prep and pack. Of […]

A broccoli video ruined by math, plus Free Lunch (box) Thursday

It was the perfect plan. Parker would do his homework at the counter. I’d set […]

What to do with 3 pounds of chicken thighs…

This was the situation. I had 3 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs that needed […]

Don’t ruin that steak by cooking it!

At least in the case of my boy. Because when it comes to red meat, […]