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Success… I think? Maybe not?

Yesterday’s brilliant plan of tanking Parker up on two yogurts and nearly a pound of […]

A lunch to put meat on his bones

Today’s is a seriously hearty lunch. Because lately, Parker has been ravenous. As in, eating […]

The best chicken is too much chicken

I’ve been lucky enough to do a bunch of media interviews about “Beating the Lunch […]

So much for sweet-and-sour chicken

And so flops another brilliant idea. Seems to be the way with parenting… I had […]

Three ways with strawberries… and a splash of red wine

Thanks to dinner last night, today’s lunch practically made itself. There was a dinner at […]

It isn’t pretty, but it sure is tasty

Monday nights are tough when it comes to dinner. When I get Parker home from […]

Multitasking my way through three meals

My favorite dinners are those from which I can extract three meals. Last night was […]

Lamb and mascarpone with honey

Being on vacation, I’m willing to take on cooking projects life typically just doesn’t allow. […]