Fresh tortilla chips and chicken-cheese quiche

Easy lunch ideas: homemade whole-wheat tortilla chips; chicken and cheddar mini quiches; and strawberries.

Today… Parker got a treat. I needed to take a picture of the homemade tortilla chips I sometimes make for him as an after school snack. I was writing about how to make them for Rachael Ray’s blog (check it out here) and needed a photo.

All weekend I kept thinking I’d make them as a fun snack. That way I could shoot them and Parker could have a treat. Except all weekend my plans kept getting sidelined.

Which is how I found myself frying tortilla chips at 6:30 this morning. Admittedly, they aren’t hard to make (for instructions follow the link above) and it took me less than five minutes to do the whole batch.

But I wasn’t willing to feed Parker tortilla chips — even homemade whole-wheat tortilla chips — for breakfast. So that made them an easy choice for today’s lunch.

Since I already was at the stove, I decided I’d also whip up some mini quiches — breakfast and lunch in one. I usually make these with ham and cheddar, but was out of ham. So I went with chicken. Parker was not thrilled by the substitution, but rolled with it.

Round it all out with some strawberries and that’s good enough for a Monday. A Monday that marks just three weeks of school left.


That also means we are getting close to the last day of school. Longtime readers know that the last day of school means a very special lunch for Parker. I’ll post highlights of lunches past soon!

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