Fruit, brown rice and beef… Because you can’t fight the tide

Easy lunch ideas: leftover steak and brown rice (with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil); star fruit; raspberries; strawberries; and kiwi.

Some days you just have to embrace that lunch is going to have a hard time competing for the kid’s attention.

This is hard enough as it is most days, what with all that fascinating conversation about Ninjago and Clone Wars to attend to.

But on days when there also is a promise of a classroom party overrun by sugary treats, it becomes even more so.

Such was the case today. Parker’s class was doing its Valentine’s Day party today (I know, a day late…). I contributed oatmeal cookie cream pies to help with the sugar rush.

So given the, er, competition, I decided to keep lunch as simple and as healthy as possible. A quartet of fruit and a bit of last night’s leftover brown rice and steak. Simple, healthy, easy and all certain hits with a certain 8-year-old.

Just before I dumped the rice and steak into a thermos, I also drizzled them with toasted sesame oil and soy sauce.

And my plan worked. When I got Parker after school, everything but a tiny bit of the rice was gone! Well, that an 1 1/2 cupcakes, an oatmeal cookie cream pie and who knows what else…

As for this week’s winner… Parker couldn’t resist T.’s pledge to not fill the lunch containers with vegetables! No worries. Plenty more lunch gear to give away. Stay tuned next week. And have a wonderful weekend.

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