Red wine poached pears and chicken with waffles and creamy gravy

Easy lunch ideas: chicken with creamy gravy and waffles; whole-wheat bread with cream cheese and turkey breast; kiwis; and red wine poached pears

Dinner last night was a little rushed. Parker and I were engrossed in an important Lego battle in which some odd snake-like creatures were defeating equally odd skeleton people. So obviously things were running a bit late.

Once the skeletons had been sufficiently trounced, I turned my attention to food. I started by pulling the remains of the meat off the bones of the chicken we’d roasted on Monday. Then I diced and onion and some garlic.

The onion and garlic went in a skillet with a bit of olive oil. Once they were tender, I added the chicken. Once that was hot, I added some white wine, then some heavy cream (not a ton, more a splash, really) and some salt and black pepper. I let that simmer and thicken for a few minutes and done — chicken with creamy gravy.

To finish the meal, I just popped a couple whole-grain waffles in the toaster. Pile the chicken and gravy on the waffles and we’re good to go.

I had just enough of that left to use as the start of Parker’s lunch today. I just made sure to pack the waffles and chicken separately to avoid a soggy lunch.

To that I added a slab of whole-wheat bread topped with cream cheese and turkey breast, as well as some kiwis. But I still felt like something was missing…

So on a whim I peeled and cored a pear. Then I coated a skillet with cooking spray and set in the pears over medium heat. When the pears had browned on one side, I flipped them, then sprinkled them with brown sugar and cinnamon. Then I poured in some red wine, covered the skillet and let it go. A few minutes later, the pears were tender and a sweet (and thick) red wine sauce had formed in the pan. The whole thing took maybe five minutes.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is another free lunch (box) Thursday!

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