Lunch fit for a blizzard: Pork buns and oatmeal

Easy lunch box ideas: smoked bacon; steamed pork buns; blueberries; and warm oatmeal with brown sugar and butter

Last night Parker made a bedtime confession.

“Daddy, the ONLY thing I don’t like about my school is that they don’t have snow days!”

It’s true. Parker’s school has a very simple snow day policy. Unless the power is out, there is school.

And while that may suck for my 8-year-old — who realizes that virtually every other school in the state has canceled school — it is totally awesome for me!

Of course, no snow days means no weather-related breaks from lunch duty. So today I figured I better pack a blizzard-worthy lunch.

For Parker’s breakfast, I cooked up a skillet of smoked bacon and a pan of his favorite oatmeal (topped with butter and brown sugar). And that seemed a fine place to start. I just made a bit extra of each.

The bacon went in one container, with a side of blueberries. The extra oatmeal got reheated and popped into a thermos (with an extra sprinkle of brown sugar and a fresh pat of butter, for good measure).

To round out the meal — and keep the toasty theme going — I heated up some frozen pork buns. As comfort food on a snowy day goes, it’s hard to beat warm pork tucked inside a doughy bun.

As for yesterday’s lunch (box) giveaway, the winner is Corina. Congratulations! And fear not, another giveaway next week (and for many weeks thereafter).

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One Response to “Lunch fit for a blizzard: Pork buns and oatmeal”

  1. Angela says:

    You would think his school would close due to the state of emergency from the storm. We live out a one lane country road. If the road is icy and my tires are spinning I won’t even drive my kids to the bus stop that’s 2/10th of a mile from our house. :)