Another day away, another easy lunch

Sausage and cream cheese "sushi" on a whole-wheat tortilla; fruit medley and a yogurt


Today is Day No. 2 of me being on the road. And that means today’s lunch was packed on Sunday.

And that calls for a lunch that can stand the test of time.

So I went with a Parker classic — chicken sausage wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla slathered with cream cheese, then cut into “sushi” bites.

After that I added a medley of fresh fruit, a yogurt and (though it didn’t make it into the photo) a Daddy-misses-you brownie cookie from our favorite bakery.

The good news is that I return late tonight. Of course that also means a return to the lunch box trenches!

Speaking of the trenches, if you want to see me making the peanut butter and jelly truffles, check out this video on CBS2-NYC. I did a live demo this morning.

Like sausage, PB&J truffles aren’t pretty to watch being made. But there you go.

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