And… he’s down for the count

Well, I knew it would happen eventually. Parker’s turn to get sick.

And as we all know, nothing says fun like a child up most of the night with a tummy bug!

Ah well. The worst seems to be over by this morning. So now just need to get him tucked onto the couch with a stack of books. As a treat, I may even dig out my old comic books and let him have at a stack of those.

Anyway, hope everyone slept a little better than we did! We’ll be taking a break from the lunch box trenches today. Fingers crossed to be back at it tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “And… he’s down for the count”

  1. Hope Parker feels better soon. At least you get a day off of lunch packing–that’s always cause for small celebration at our house.

  2. Sandra says:

    Poor guy! We all got it over Christmas break. No fun at all!