Sausage sushi and a lunch gear winner!

Easy lunch box ideas: Sausage sushi; PB&J on graham crackers; raspberries; and an arugula, zucchini and feta salad

I was tempted to give Parker yet more barbecue pulled pork this morning.

Except he would have ended up eating it for three or four meals in a row.

But that’s what happens when the time you normally spend on Thursday evenings preparing dinner gets consumed by third grade math and essay writing.

I am really not looking forward to fourth grade.

Actually, he did an awesome job tackling an amazing amount (nearly three hours!!!!) of homework. But it was a case of all hands on deck.

So last night’s dinner was yet more of the leftover pulled pork. Which made me reluctant to pack still more of it in his lunch today.

Thankfully, I spied a package of fully cooked chicken sausages (chipotle flavored!) I’d forgotten about. Nobody wants a giant cold sausage dumped in their lunch, and I wasn’t in the mood to grill at 7 a.m. Not even grill pan.

So instead I coated a flour tortilla with a thin smear of cream cheese, plopped the sausage on, rolled it up and sliced it into “sushi maki.” Sort of.

Had I been thinking, I might have given him a dipping sauce, too. But not a lot of thinking goes on before my second cup of coffee…

As for the rest of the lunch, I decided to test my luck and see how salad would go over again. This time arugula and shaved zucchini tossed with a vinaigrette made from olive oil, rice vinegar, salt and pepper. Top it with a bit of feta, add some fruit and PB&J graham cracker sandwiches on the side, and we’re good to go.

As for yesterday’s winner of the lunch gear… Amy H. Congratulations! And fear not… Many, many more weeks of lunch gear giveaways to come.

Hope everyone has a wonderful (and healthy) weekend!

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