Great news and lots of great giveaways!

Check out that collection of lunch gear. Just verging on insane…

But I have a great excuse, and it’s related to my great news.

I’m really excited to announce that this blog — this crazy collection of lunches that I foist upon my (not always so) innocent 8-year-old — is becoming a book.

Which seems kind of crazy. But I’ve had so many encouraging messages from people — and especially other parents — during the two years I’ve been writing this blog.

And truth is, I almost didn’t even start it. But a friend encouraged me, and I finally relented. Folks seem to find the odd and unusual things I pack in Parker’s lunches a good source of inspiration, so I’m thrilled to take it the next step.

The book — “Beating the Lunch Box Blues” — is being published by Simon & Schuster and will be out in time for back to school next year. It’s jammed with 180 different lunch ideas, plus 34 dinner recipes that are designed to make too much (meaning ample leftovers, which we all know are the vital building blocks to great lunches). Best yet — there are more than 200 photos. Just like my blog, every lunch is photographed. Even better — unlike the blog, the photos aren’t taken by me! So they will actually look good.

All of which explains why my dining room is consumed by a mountain of lunch gear. I don’t worry too much about repetition in photos on the blog, but I can’t get away with that in a book. So I needed a lot of gear.

But now I don’t. The photos are done and the book is in final edits. So… I want to celebrate the good news by sharing the gear. Starting tomorrow and every Thursday thereafter until I run out, I’ll be doing giveaways on the blog to share all of the cool lunch gear I amassed during the past few months.

So be sure to check in regularly for the latest giveaways. And please spread the word about it. I really want my dining room back.

Meanwhile, lunch must go on. Today was Parker’s last day of school before the holiday break. And of course much of the day was to be consumed by a holiday party brimming with treats. So it seemed kind of pointless to pack a big lunch.

Sometimes you just need to surrender to the sweets.

So I went with a yogurt, a ham and cheese on whole-grain waffles and some kiwi.

And about 10 pounds of sugar at the party…

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19 Responses to “Great news and lots of great giveaways!”

  1. RuthAnn says:

    WOW! congratulations on the book! how exciting. yay yay yay for you!

  2. Nancy says:

    Congratulations! I will be on the lookout for your book. Will you continue to blog? (I’m hoping!)

  3. Julie says:

    Looking forward to the book! Congrats!

  4. Such great news, can’t wait to see it and would love to write about it on PBS Parents!

  5. Monica Bhide says:

    Cannot wait to see it!! Congrats!!

  6. Destany says:

    Waffles as bread….why didn’t I ever think of that!? Genius.

  7. Lynn says:

    Congrats! Look forward to seeing the book. Parker must think it’s pretty cool that his lunches inspired a book!

  8. […] My goal is to find new and loving homes for all of the lunch gear I accumulated while photographing my upcoming cookbook, “Beating the Lunch Box Blues,” which is based on this blog. For more details about that, check out yesterday’s entry. […]

  9. C says:

    Will be buying that book ready for starting college next year!

  10. LaurieGo says:

    When you use waffles, do you toast them? Or do you just let them defrost in Parker’s lunchbox?

  11. Christine says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to the book for ideas for my lunch.

    And, of course, for the someday I have kids.