Quiche = friend with benefits

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Quiche has become my crazy weeknight friend. And it’s a friend with benefits. Because just a few minutes work makes about three meals.

Last night was busy. I was trying to wrap up a last day of work. It was snowing. Parker had karate class. The house was a disaster. No time to make dinner.

But I did have time to make quiche.

All I did was thaw a sheet of puff pastry (I left it on the counter while I did other things). Once it was thawed, I pressed it into a tart pan (with a removable bottom). Then I filled it with a what-have-you assortment of the refrigerator.

In this case, a few hunks of roast beef, some pancetta and shredded cheese. You could add veggies, too, but I was too lazy.

I happened to have six egg whites in a bowl (leftover from needing the yolks for a dessert during the weekend). So I added a splash of milk, some salt and pepper, then whisked them until froth. I dumped them over the cheese and meat, then baked it at 375 F for about 30 minutes.

Total hands on time was about 10 minutes.

And for that effort, we were rewarded not just with a delicious dinner, but also breakfast this morning (20 seconds in the microwave produced a deliciously warm slab of quiche for Parker’s breakfast) and the start of lunch this afternoon.

To go with his lunch quiche, I packed Parker some raspberries and kiwi, a lime soy yogurt and a peanut butter and banana burrito.

Now… To bake treats for Parker’s school party tomorrow…

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