Dim sum? Why not?

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Seriously. It’s one of the easiest lunches to pack.

Next time you’re at an Asian market, check out the freezer section. There should be tons of great choices, many of them pretty healthy, most of them very quick to prepare.

These steamed buns I gave Parker today are a great example. They come frozen, eight to a package. Just pop them into a steamer basket (or nuke them) for 10 minutes and they are ready to go. Tender, doughy and delicious.

You can get them filled with all sorts of stuff. I went with sesame seeds and peanut butter. Parker loves them.

After I steamed them, I just put them in a thermos. He’ll have delicious, warm steamed buns for lunch.

Sticking with the finger food theme, I cut up some cured sausage, ham and Parmesan cheese, then added some kiwi and blackberries. Done!

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2 Responses to “Dim sum? Why not?”

  1. Great idea! Does the thermos do a good job of keeping them warm? Be wary that many of the savory buns contain MSG though so do read the labels. And I wouldn’t advise nuking them, they get hard and stiff after awhile, and especially if you wait till lunchtime!

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      The thermos does a great job keeping them warm. I prime it by filling it with boiling water for five minutes, then dump it out, wipe it dry and add the hot dumplings. And I’m with you — I’m suspicious of most food products at those markets. But I read labels carefully and don’t buy there often.