Of fennel-rubbed pork chops and falling behind

Can’t seem to keep up with anything these days. Including lunch posts.

Yesterday’s lunch had to be simple. I’d flown in the night before and was awoken a little too early by a little guy eager to see me.

So I went with an easy bison steak packed cold, half a bagel (left over from his breakfast) topped with ham and cream cheese, and some fruit and a yogurt.

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Last night’s dinner ended up being a similar scrounge. Being out of town tends to get in the way of grocery shopping.

Luckily, hidden in the freezer I found a couple packages of pork chops. So I thawed those, then rubbed them with a blend of ground fennel seeds, black pepper, garlic and salt, then seared them briefly in a cast-iron skillet. They were incredibly delicious.

I also found a slab of stale baguette, which I was able to breath new life into by smearing with garlic and butter and toasting. Garlic bread! Add some roasted carrots and I not only had a good dinner, but a great start to today’s lunch, too.

I packaged the pork in one thermos and — so that it would be warm and delicious — the garlic bread in another.

To round out today’s lunch, I also gave Parker a container of mini ham and cheese quiche — the leftover from his breakfast.

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

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One Response to “Of fennel-rubbed pork chops and falling behind”

  1. Daniela says:

    Have you tried the mashed cauliflower for him yet??? I head cauliflower, 1 potato, 1 clove garlic..all cooked in some chicken broth. Mash/blend as much as you like. My kids went nuts, very very good. If you do it in the blender with a bit of cream it comes out so so creamy and light. I also tried it by adding celery root but that version was not so great. I made mine in the vitamix but i think and immersion blender would also work.