Lunch ideas: One post, two lunches and a non-stop later, I’m in Florida

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

There didn’t seem much point in posting a separate lunch for yesterday, because it’s pretty much the same as today.

I had to come down to Fort Lauderdale for a quick two-day visit to tape a few television segments.

And that meant packing two lunches Sunday night. Always a challenge to pack food so far in advance. It has to be able to hold up well.

I probably shouldn’t have wait until 10 p.m. Sunday to do it (I had a 7 a.m. flight yesterday), but there you go.

So my shortcut was to pack pretty much the same lunch both days — a whole-wheat tortilla smeared with cream cheese. One is filled with ham, the other with roast beef.

Add some fruit and a few treats — including a brown rice and brown rice syrup “Rice Krispies treat” as a special something, and that will just have to do.

Florida is nice, but for me palm trees and Christmas just don’t blend. Looking forward to getting back into the holiday swing.

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