Lunch ideas: A most amazing barbecue chicken

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Every once in a while, I make a chicken dish that Parker and I can’t stop eating.

A few years ago, it was my North African spiced chicken tenders. It was a case of just dumping random spices into a bag with some olive oil, tossing in chicken, then throwing it on the grill. It was crazy good and we ended up eating more than a pound of it between us.

Trouble is, I didn’t write down what I was doing. So it took another dozen attempts to recreate it.┬áMonica Bhide, another food blogger, wrote about that recipe here if you want to try it.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson. You’d think I’d always just take notes. But sometimes I just want to make dinner…

Last night was another such night. I marinated chicken thighs in a blend of Thai red curry paste, peanut butter, lime juice and garlic, then tossed them under the broiler. Just 12 minutes later, once again Parker and I couldn’t stop eating it.

So looks like I’ll be making it another dozen or so times to get the proportions right…

If nothing else, at least I got the start of a good lunch for Parker out of it. I smeared a whole-wheat tortilla with cream cheese, then slapped one of the thighs onto it and rolled it up. Add a bit of leftover steak tips from the other night and some fruit, and that should do it.


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