Lunch ideas: Of cows, pigs and chickens

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

That’s my little carnivore for you.

Today’s lunch has all three of his favorite food groups — steak (marinated in a tangy tomato barbecue sauce), ham (embedded with cheese in the mini quiche), and eggs (ditto on the quiche).

The steak was left over from last nights dinner. The quiche were left over from breakfast.

And me… My brain feels like leftovers. Spent all day working on this analysis of the Hostess Brands company closing. Must now either drink heavily or go to bed!

Enjoy the weekend!

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2 Responses to “Lunch ideas: Of cows, pigs and chickens”

  1. Gena says:

    You mean the rest of the world doesn’t relax with a glass of wine in bed??? Whatever.