Lunch ideas: Tons of giveaways and satisfying my 8-year-old carnivore

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

During the past couple months I have been lucky (and often overwhelmed) to accumulate many very cool lunch box items. It’s a long story why, and I’ll explain that another time. But since I have but one child who — even with his monster appetite — can eat just one lunch per day, I’m going to give them away.

So in time for the holidays, I plan to start doing regular lunch gear giveaways. Because there seriously is a TON of this stuff. And it’s all very cool — great bento boxes, awesome insulated lunch bags, containers, thermoses, you name it.

So please spread the word! Starting in early December, there will be great giveaways here. And tons of them. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, today’s lunch is pretty much meat and carbs.

I was feeling pretty guilty about this as I packed it. Then I remember that he ate — and did so without complaining — a bunch of butternut squash and onions as part of a chicken curry I made for dinner last night.

For those of you who have followed along since the summer vegetable boot camp, you know this remains significant.

And I do plan to pack some of the leftover curry in his lunch tomorrow. I’d have given him some today, but the sausage and chicken needed using up.

Because as much as I’m a fan of pressing leftovers into lunch service — and of getting my kid to eat more vegetables — neither is worth risking food poisoning.

So today, a sweet Italian pork sausage left over from a couple nights ago (they were braised in a pepper-tomato sauce), got wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. I considered adding a dipping sauce, but realized Parker probably wouldn’t care one way or another. It’s meat? He’s happy.

I also had some leftover chicken cutlets from chicken picatta. At breakfast today he left behind half an onion bagel. So I cut the half into halves, then made a sandwich with that.

Add a couple kiwis and some strangely green whole-grain tortilla chips, and that’s fine for a Wednesday.

Tonight’s dinner is a steak-and-cheese frittata. Yet more meat for my little carnivore.

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8 Responses to “Lunch ideas: Tons of giveaways and satisfying my 8-year-old carnivore”

  1. Daniela says:

    Yipeee..could always use more gear!!

  2. Daniela says:

    after a 5 day road trip, my kids need to go to veggie boot camp since French fries do not count. First up, broccoli mashed potato..half potato, half broccoli, all mashed together with some garlic

  3. Carolyn says:

    I so enjoy reading your column every day, and though I do not have children yet, I am always looking for ways to make my own lunch more exciting. Hooray for free stuff too! Can’t wait to hear more. I first heard you on NHPR this summer and have been following this blog ever since. Thanks for sharing!

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy the site. And stay tuned for more on the giveaways. I’d meant to post about it today, but got consumed by the day job.

  4. Lindsay S. says:

    OOh, I love the idea of wrapping a sausage up in a tortilla (I love the idea of wrapping up virtually anything, for that matter). Did you put any sort of spread on the tortilla other than the pepper tomato sauce?

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      Me, too! I hadn’t planned on adding any condiments, but after I wrapped it up I found it wasn’t staying closed all that well. And since I know my messy little monster will end up wearing the sausage if I don’t secure it… I smeared just a dab of cream cheese (food glue!) at the end. That sealed it shut.