Lunch ideas: All the makings of a Hawaiian pizza

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

The skillet we use to make breakfast often is the best place to start when making lunch.

Because just as I believe in making good use of leftovers at lunch, I also refuse to wash any extra dishes unless absolutely necessary.

So whenever possible I like to use breakfast prep to kickstart lunch.

This morning was a great example. After frying an egg for Parker’s breakfast, the skillet went right back onto the stovetop. A dab of butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a few slices of pineapple. A few minutes later, sweetly caramelized pineapple rings for his lunch box.

I also had leftover honey-mustard ham steaks from dinner the other night. Though I wasn’t packing it hot in his lunch, I decided to sear them a bit in the same skillet before adding them to a whole-wheat wrap and cream cheese sandwich. Because a little searing would only make them better.

All that, and not one pan or dish was dirtied in the making of this lunch.

The cake is an upside down pear gingerbread Bundt cake courtesy of AP’s photo shoot yesterday. I needed to cut myself off. It was that good. I’ll like to the recipe once it comes out.

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