Please shut up and go to sleep!

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

I might have said it more politely than that. But maybe not.

I had a 1 a.m. visitor in my bed last night. And he promptly set about flopping around and chattering. This went on for hours. He couldn’t fall asleep. So guess who else was sleepless…

Thank goodness the coffee was strong this morning…

So if today’s lunch seems a little less than inspired, that’s why.

I made chicken picatta for dinner last night. Parker liked the chicken, but didn’t care for the mushroom sauce. I agreed with him. It was better with the red pepper sauce. Either way, I wrapped a hunk of the leftover chicken in a cream cheese-smeared whole-wheat tortilla for his lunch today.

Add the quarter of a bagel and butter left over from his breakfast, some fruit and a yogurt and… And I’ll be more creative on Monday.

The week at least will end on a good note. I’ve got a pot roast bubbling away in the slow cooker. Seasoned it with Chinese five-spice, garlic, mustard powder, salt, pepper and tomato paste. A good 9 hours simmering should make it delicious.

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