How could I humiliate him so?

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Obviously, I’m very good at humiliating my son. And I’m confident that the older he gets, the better at it I will be.

Today’s egregious fathering fault was daring to suggest I send in a batch of cookies for him to share with his class.

Yesterday, I tested out a recipe for eggnog snickerdoodle cookies. His favorite cookie combined with his favorite holiday drink.

He loved them. And I had about 30 to spare.

But this morning the suggestion that I’d pack them up for him to bring to school resulted in a narrowly averted meltdown.

Apparently, it would be humiliating for him to bring in that sort of treat when it wasn’t his birthday. I have no idea why.


Here’s hoping what I did pack was better received. I settled on whole-wheat tortillas smeared with cream cheese. One was filled with ham, then cut into sushi. The other was filled with cucumber and rolled into cigars.

Add a pineapple yogurt and a slice of ricotta cheesecake (gosh, I hope that isn’t too embarrassing!), and I say that’s good enough.

Oh, the humiliation of being 8…

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6 Responses to “How could I humiliate him so?”

  1. Hilary says:

    I think the cookies sound great and would have enjoyed them had he shared them with me. Are you going to share the recipe?

  2. Scotty says:

    Ahh the trials of being young. I mortified my 6 year old when I dropped by her school on Halloween with some cupcakes for her class. The horror.

  3. Sara says:

    My 12 year old daughter still lets me give her big things of cupcakes for school. Im lucky i guess