Braised spareribs with cream cheese and raspberry jam?

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

Yeah… I’m not sure it’s a winner, either.

But I’d planned to pack leftover hunks of the port-braised spareribs I made for dinner last night. I was planning to just heat them up, then toss them in a thermos.

Except in the morning rush I forgot until I’d already made a cream cheese and raspberry jam sandwich on a whole-wheat wrap.

And at that point, it was too late to start over or even heat up the meat…

So… I sliced off a couple hunks of the meat and shoved them into the sandwich. Why not? Cream cheese goes with everything. Sweet and savory (the jam and the meat) go nicely (which is why I braised them in port to begin with).

He’ll probably hate it.


To round out the lunch, I used a handful of finds from the Asian market. Parker has decided that the red bean cakes (also called mochi cakes) are the best thing. Ever. They are like pillows of sweet dough with a fig-like filling. Pretty tasty.

I also found some sweet puffed rice treats. Asia’s answer to the Rice Krispie Treat? Who knows, but Parker will like it either way.

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