A lunch pulled from the dregs

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

What with Halloween and all, I didn’t quite make it to the grocer yesterday.

Which means today’s lunch once again must be assembled from what little survived the power outage caused by the hurricane.

Parker probably would argue that I should just fill his lunch box with the candy he gathered last night.

While that’s not going to happen, I am pleased that his haul was small compared to previous years. Maybe it’s the economy or maybe it’s the lingering effects of the storm. Or maybe we just didn’t hit as many houses.

Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining!

And the best part is that he got almost none of the candies that will tempt me (I’m a sucker for candy corn)!

So for breakfast today, I toasted two frozen whole-grain waffles and drizzled them with maple syrup. I then used the last two waffles in the box to make him a grilled cheese for lunch. Add some pineapple (high acid enough to survive the lack of refrigeration), cucumber and a mini banana, and that’s fine.

Not exactly exciting, but it will suffice. Now… Off for some grocery shopping!

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