A fruit experiment and a meatball disappoinment

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The fruit experiment involves the brown Pac-Man-like things in Parker’s lunch today.

I was checking out a massive Asian market last week and found a large container of longans, a variety of tree fruit common to Southeast Asian. The store described them as similar to lychee fruit, so I grabbed a bunch.

Yesterday after school we tried them. You don’t eat the skin, but it’s easy to cut through. Then the milky-clear fruit (looks like a peeled green grape) pops right out. You also don’t eat the large black seed at the center, but those are easy to remove, too.

The taste and texture were something like a cross between honeydew melon and a grape. Parker didn’t flip out over them, but he also didn’t object. So I seeded a few (a knife helps and I think the school would object if I sent him in with a paring knife…) and popped them into his lunch.

The meatballs and whole-wheat pasta were leftovers from dinner last night. They tasted good enough, but they didn’t wow me. They certainly didn’t wow Parker, but that had nothing to do with the meatballs themselves.

He objected to the chunky tomato sauce I made to go with them. He ultimately ate it, but not happily so.

So this morning I tossed some meatballs (no tomato sauce) and pasta in the same skillet I’d used to make his scrambled eggs. Once they were nice and hot, I sprinkled in some grated Parmesan and a splash of cream. I expect more to his liking.

Enjoy the weekend!

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One Response to “A fruit experiment and a meatball disappoinment”

  1. I love discovering the exotic fruits at Asian markets. Parker is such a good sport!