No more summer camp!!!

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

And I couldn’t be happier. I think Parker feels the same way.

It’s not that it wasn’t a great camp or that he didn’t have a blast. But it was the hours. His summer camp days were far long than his typical school day. Which meant he was coming home later, yet still had to squeeze in the rest of our lives.

Most days, this wasn’t easy.

And Parker is like me… He needs his down time. After school, he usually spends and hour chilling and reading. But for the past five weeks, that sort of time has been hard to come by on weekdays.

But today is his last day. And my last day of work for two glorious weeks.

We’re heading to the lake and have strict plans to do nothing but swim, eat, read and kayak. And I’ll be drinking some wine.

So for this last summer camp lunch of the season, I kept things simple. I smeared a bit of creamed honey into a whole-wheat hot dog bun, then slapped a banana in it. Hoping it doesn’t turn too brown by lunch… But he’ll live.

I also sprinkled some shredded cheddar and a few slices of ham between whole-wheat tortillas, then toasted the whole thing and cut it into triangles. He ate a few with his smoothie for breakfast; the rest went in his lunch.

Round things out with some fruit, chunks of Parmesan and a bit more ham for nibbles, and I say it’s a fine end to summer camp. And a fine start to vacation.

For the next two weeks I’ll have a rare luxury — being able to spend a little extra time preparing lunch for Parker and me. Will try to post the best of them.

And soon… Back to school. Back to the lunch box blues.

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