Brie, creamed honey and other comfort foods

Easy lunch box ideas

Because I had to take a quick trip to New York today. And that always leaves my little monster a little upset.

So when I prep to go away — which usually includes packing his lunch in advance — I try to make sure I pack some of his favorite comfort foods.

Today, that meant starting with a couple slices of baked potato bread topped with brie. Normally, I scoop honeycomb over that. But at Trader Joe’s during the weekend, I nabbed a container of creamed honey. Seriously delicious. So a scoop of that landed on top of each.

Next up, bacon. Well, kind of. Happened to have some turkey bacon on hand. So I fried up a few slices of that. I don’t mind being generous with turkey bacon since it’s not nearly as unhealthy as the real thing. I folded those on a split squash roll. I considered adding cheese or mango chutney, but I figured the brie was enough and I only had hot chutney. That would not have qualified as comfort food.

Add some fruit and we’re good. Carbs and fat. Really, that’s what comfort comes down to.

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2 Responses to “Brie, creamed honey and other comfort foods”

  1. You had me at brie and creamed honey!