Hot dogs a la tortellini… and a mohawk reveal

Easy lunch box ideas

Some day I will have time to go grocery shopping. But until then, creativity must rule.

This morning, that meant figuring out what to do with two leftover grilled beef hot dogs (our fast and easy dinner last night so that we also had time to get to the pool down the street).

I considered wrapping them in whole-wheat tortillas with cheese, but that seemed dull. It also probably wouldn’t taste all that great cold.

Instead, I cut them up and tossed them in a hot skillet with a package of uncooked fresh cheese tortellini. Most people don’t realize you can cook fresh pasta this way. But it’s an easy, delicious and speedy way. It also gives the pasta a nice crispy texture you obviously don’t get with boiling.

The result was pretty delicious. Made me think it could also make a great dinner, perhaps with turkey sausage or chorizo instead of hot dogs, and maybe a bit of extra cheese sprinkled over it. You could even add some veggies and have a one-pot meal in about 10 minutes.

But who cares about that! What really matters… the mohawk!

So here it is — before and after. He’s still loving it. Enjoy your weekend!

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10 Responses to “Hot dogs a la tortellini… and a mohawk reveal”

  1. Sheryl says:

    The mohawk looks nice on him! Thanks for sharing the photo and your wonderful lunch ideas each day!

  2. Sandra says:

    The mowhawk looks great! Alas, he does look older in a cool-guy way.

  3. RuthAnn says:

    love it. yes, he looks older, as did my Buddy when he transitioned to soemtihng similar, known as The Vasquez Special at the barber. le sigh.

  4. RuthAnn says:

    LOL. Buddy knows it too. and the girls just FLOCK to him. At 8. Eye yi yi.

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      It starts so young… Luckily, my kid is the ultimate dork (apple doesn’t fall far) and our blind cat is more coordinated than he is… So I have little fear of him growing up to be a cocky jock!

  5. Nice mohawk…he does look older!

    I need to be creative like this until I can make it to the store. I never thought to do tortellini like this, and I don’t know why not, you can pan fry ravioli! I have both in my freezer, and some chipotle chicken sausage! Perfect idea!

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      I love the ravioli and chipotle chicken sausage variation! We don’t normally have hotdogs, but we’d been out to the lake and Parker had wanted to roast them over the campfire. That was a lot of fun. But I like your version of the dish better.