Serving up some culture clash

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

I’ve never been much in favor of respecting culinary cultural boundaries.

So today I took liberty with two foods. Which makes it sounds far more planned out than it really was.

Because like always, my main motivation was packing Parker a lunch quickly and using whatever I happened to have on hand.

Today, that meant sorting out what to do with a large whole-wheat tortilla and a few slices of deli ham. Didn’t really have enough ham to make a full sandwich. So instead I decided to make sushi.

All I did was slather cream cheese evenly over one side of the tortilla, then arranged the ham over that. Roll it up and cut it into maki-style “sushi” bites and it was good to go.

The trick with this is to make sure you spread the cream cheese all the way to the edge of the tortilla. That way the cream cheese acts as a glue to hold it together when you roll it.

But ham-tortilla sushi alone would not fill up my voracious boy. Nor would all the fruit I piled in. I needed something else.

Then I remember the package of naan (Indian flatbread) he’d been begging me to feed him the other day. Running a bit short on time, I decided to keep that simple. A slather of peanut butter and jelly and we have a PB&J via India.

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