Breakfast for lunch and a green mohawk

Easy lunch box ideas for kids

But first… the cold bison burger.

Not a crumb remained in his lunch box at the end of the day. In fact, he complained to me that I hadn’t packed enough food yesterday. By the time afternoon snack came around, apparently he had nothing left.

He also asked me if he could get his head shaved for a mohawk. A lime green one.

I said… Sure. Why not? I mean, if an almost-8-year-old boy can’t experiment with his hair in the middle of summer, when can he?

Lesson learned _ cold hamburgers work. But they apparently inspire extreme haircuts.

This morning was a bit rushed, so I leaned on leftovers to get things done. Over vacation I perfected two new varieties of pancakes — s’mores pancakes (complete with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and toasted marshmallows) and blueberry muffin pancakes.

I was lucky enough to have leftovers of both on hand this morning, so those went into his lunch box. Add fruit, and it was a quick assembly. And because both pancakes are sweet, I didn’t even bother with syrup.

I also should add that both pancakes are made from white whole-wheat flour. So they are at least a little healthy. The recipes for both will be moving on the AP wire soon. I promise to link to them here. And if I forget, just scream!

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