One Obi Wan-wich coming up!

Neither Parker’s skiing nor his lunch went quite according to plan yesterday.

After a morning on the slopes with his class, Parker got sick during lunch and needed to come home. And in the rush to get him here, his lunch box got lost.

The good news is that all is well and Parker was fine for school today. And this morning I pressed into duty his old lunch box until we can find or replace his other one.

And with his appetite back to normal this morning, I decided to test a lesson I learned with the Cody kebabs. Is acceptance really all about branding?

For years I’ve tried to entice Parker with egg and cheese sandwiches. He should love them. He loves eggs. He loves grilled cheeses. Yet no interest.

So this morning when he asked me to surprise him with breakfast, I made a fried egg sandwich on whole-grain bread with gruyere cheese. And when he came to the table and asked what it was?

“It’s an Obi Wan-wich. Try it.”

He loved it. Really loved it.

This has me wondering whether I can entice him to try Chew-broccoli…

Meanwhile, lunch was needed. And having exhausted my day’s supply of creativity on a breakfast sandwich, I kept it simple — a grilled cheese and ham on whole grain, peanut butter and strawberry jelly “sushi” in a whole-wheat tortilla, a few of his favorite peanut butter crackers and fruit.

May the fennel be with you.

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4 Responses to “One Obi Wan-wich coming up!”

  1. SinoSoul says:


    Wait, how does he NOT love egg/cheese sandwich? As a new American, it was one of the few sandwiches I could tolerate as a child. I take my eggs fried with soy sauce though. These days, it’s fried with Red Boat fish sauce and fresh Kampot peppers.

    • J.M Hirsch says:

      I think it was all in the branding. “Egg sandwich” didn’t appeal. But this morning he requested another Obi Wan-wich. Guess it really does all come down to marketing.

  2. Mel says:

    Love it!

    And yes, renaming things seems to make a huge difference… a friend and I were trying to separate a few sticky ravioli pieces recently, and in the end we christened them “Picasso ravioli” – that made the ravioli take on an instant golden arty charm. Us funny humans!

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