All Posts from September, 2013

Can bison steak lead Parker to love tatsoi?

We all know the answer… But I decided to try anyway. Because sometimes I’m slow. […]

Being scolded by a teacher feels as bad at 40 as it did at 4

OK… Even Parker was indignant about this. Then again, it really doesn’t take much to […]

A lunch to put meat on your bones

Or rather, a lunch with meat on bones. Not sure how this one is going […]

Parker says “Yes!” to Melissa d’Arabian’s Picky Eater Project challenge. Sort of.

So there we were, having a great and meaningful conversation about important things. Until I […]

Some nights dinner simply needs to be french fries and ice cream

Yesterday afternoon was rough. It was time for the kittens we’ve been fostering to head […]

4 a.m. is a horrible time to be thinking about lunch

It is possible that a certain 9-year-old woke up at 4 a.m. today. And it’s […]

A salad even my boy should love! (Famous last words?)

Today’s lunch is an attempt (perhaps futile, but you never know) to build on yesterday’s […]

On the hunt for a veg… Why not warm buttered corn?

Got to think outside the (lunch) box on this one. As I assembled today’s lunch, […]

There shall be no dancing at lunch! (And a secret ingredient.)

Every day I say the same three things to Parker as he goes to school. […]

Never underestimate the power of cold leftovers

  Today’s lunch is all about the power of leftovers. I’m on the road — […]