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Leftovers of leftovers of leftovers… Oh my.

Before I get to today’s lunch, I just wanted to share some more early online […]

What?!? No second, third or fourth snacks? Outrage!

Sometimes my son gets a bit obsessed with food. Sometimes my son sounds like a […]

Of Legos and peanut-free lunches

This week marks a change for both Parker and me. Normally, he goes to a […]

Every home should have 6 blind cats!

Because just one isn’t nearly enough! Normally, we live with three cats. Two boys and […]

So breakfast polenta… Not such a big hit. And a lunch gear giveaway

Parker loves oatmeal. I make it from old fashioned rolled oats and spike it with […]

I’ll trade you two baby bell peppers for one tapioca pudding!

I swear that yesterday evening after Parker’s karate class he and I went to the […]

Pesto goes where no green has gone before!

Admittedly, the Parmesan cheese and pine nuts help. But it still surprises me any time […]

A finely popped lunch for summer camp

So “Beating the Lunch Box Blues” isn’t due in bookstores for another month, but the […]

The cult of cream cheese and ham

So no lunch today!!! Parker had a last minute swimming play date at a friend’s […]

Of grilled plums, lingering tech issues and steak sushi

So last night I tried something new. Not that Parker cared. He didn’t try it. […]