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Steak and why Nigel Slater is the Pooh of the food world

Dog-ear volume is a good indicator of whether a cookbook will make the cut. I […]

Chive blossom yakitori chicken, of course (and a lunch gear giveaway)

Yesterday afternoon afforded me a unusual midweek luxury — the time and energy to tinker […]

Elvis lives (in Parker’s lunch)

For today’s adventure in lunch packing, I give you the Elvis dog! Parker came home […]

Why getting kids to eat healthier is easier – and harder – than we think.

Regular readers know how much I despise math word problems. Particularly those a certain 8-year-old […]

What’s wrong with putting bourbon in the kid’s lunch?

So yesterday Parker asked if he could decide what we had for dinner. I agreed, […]

Mac and cheese, please (and hold the fruit)! Plus, a lunch gear giveaway!

Yesterday was one of those cold, wet spring days when I should have had some […]

The last-day-of-school buffet is looming…

As I mentioned the other day, Parker and I have a lunch tradition for his […]

8-year-old boys – the most destructive force in the universe

If you’ve ever wondered why I advocate stainless steel lunch containers — particularly for children […]

Fresh tortilla chips and chicken-cheese quiche

Today… Parker got a treat. I needed to take a picture of the homemade tortilla […]

Chorizo quesadilla and scrambled eggs

Parker did great on his tests yesterday! And today his class gets to go on […]