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A lunch drawn mostly from the freezer

I had such a good plan heading into lunch duty this morning. Which, of course, […]

Finally… The honey-paprika roasted chicken thigh recipe

I’ve been promising this recipe for a while, and I finally can share it. This […]

Reveal No. 2 — Book Trailer Edition!!!

Finally get to share this awesome video trailer Rachael Ray and I made to preview […]

And now for something lighter…

Yesterday we did the heavy stuff. And I was blown away by the response. Thanks […]

The conundrum of kids and healthy eating

I got asked a great question the other day. Are the lunches I pack healthy? […]

20 ideas to help bring picky eaters to the table

Parker is off to vacation camp today. I think the kids from his school are […]

Celebrate spring break with carpaccio. And fudge.

So today is the first day of Parker’s spring break. Which meant I didn’t need […]

Pushing my luck on the sandwich greens… And a book cover reveal!

Finally! A cover I can share! Really love how vibrant it feels. OK… Back to […]

A brave new world of lettuce and Free Lunch (box) Thursday

I wasn’t trying to pull one over on Parker. I was just trying something new. […]

The best pancakes ever!

It seems the only thing I needed to do to create the best pancakes ever […]