All Posts from February, 2013

Technical difficulties with lunch?

So it would seem. We got back from Miami late last night, but not without […]

What would Rachael Ray pack for lunch?

Something good, I’m sure. And she’s about to get — and share with the world […]

A few days off from lunch duty

And I’m not sure what’s better… heading to Miami in February or getting a break […]

A bit more anchovy pasta, please!

There was a time when anchovies were an easy sell to Parker. After all, they […]

A morning rush with steak and mac and cheese

This morning was… complicated. I got a sense of the teenage years to come when […]

Fruit, brown rice and beef… Because you can’t fight the tide

Some days you just have to embrace that lunch is going to have a hard […]

Free lunch (box) Thursday and chocolate-stuffed French toast

It may be Valentine’s Day, but I still refuse to be cutesy with Parker’s lunch. […]

Red wine poached pears and chicken with waffles and creamy gravy

Dinner last night was a little rushed. Parker and I were engrossed in an important […]

More proof kids are just messing with us

For several years, French toast was a surefire breakfast-lunch hit. I liked it because it […]

A lunch of quark and carbonara

After being snowed in for much of the weekend, we finally ventured out yesterday afternoon […]