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Free lunch (box) Thursday and arugula with goat

Do you think the oh-my-god-he’s-eating-salad! feeling will ever wear off? Seeing him regularly eat arugula […]

A stack of blinis and goat, of course

Because what 8-year-old boy wouldn’t want to bring a thermos of rosemary roasted goat to […]

And… he’s down for the count

Well, I knew it would happen eventually. Parker’s turn to get sick. And as we […]

Roast chicken sliders and creamy mashed potatoes

This weekend Parker and I did a little retail therapy. And he was shockingly restrained. […]

Sausage sushi and a lunch gear winner!

I was tempted to give Parker yet more barbecue pulled pork this morning. Except he […]

Free lunch (box) Thursday and… Some like it hot

Finally feeling better! Although I have to say, that while I didn’t enjoy being ¬†feverish […]

Mmmm… A half-eaten sandwich…

Because why throw it away. Especially on a morning when I still don’t have much […]

Lunch is packed… Now I can go back to bed

After a great three-day weekend of sleepovers, play dates, reading by the fire and eating […]

And now for something completely different… Salad!

Spoiler alert — toward the end of this post, I include a tip that I […]

Free lunch (box) Thursday and PB&J truffles!

For today’s lunch I reached way back to a “Parker classic” most of you probably […]