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Veggie Bootcamp, Take 2: Day 5 (the lunch that wasn’t packed)

Parker was supposed to go climbing today. His school has a great program that organizes […]

Veggie Bootcamp, Take 2: Days 3 and 4 (on the slopes)

It was a so very Lego Christmas in our home.┬áSo much so it has been […]

Veggie Bootcamp, Take 2: Day 2 — The Christmas rush edition

Fell way behind today. So just a quick post to bring you up to speed. […]

Veggie Bootcamp, Take 2: Day 1 — We’re in a snit

And I think that proves the power of veggie payments. Today is Day 1 of […]

The why-even-try? edition

Because today was Parker’s school holiday party. A buffet of cookies, candies and cupcakes awaited. […]

Time for another round of Veggie Bootcamp!

As many of you know, two summers ago I tortured my child by forcing him […]

My son’s teachers like it when I’m in a bad mood

Because they know those are the days I generally medicate myself with cookie therapy. And […]

It’s 5 a.m., so might as well make banana bread and applesauce

You’d think that starting my day at 4:45 a.m. would enable me to get a […]

Just five days until holiday break?!?!

That doesn’t seem nearly possible. Because I feel like I’ve barely thought about Christmas… Actually, […]

That will teach me for being a horrible father!

ARRRGH!!!!!! The noise came from the family room. Roughly 7:10 a.m. today. I ignored it. […]