All Posts from November, 2012

Lunch ideas: DIY nachos

The homemade tortilla chips turned out to be such a hit, I decided to go […]

Lunch ideas: Homemade tortilla chips and a chicken burrito

I’m not normally the sort of guy to make tortilla chips from scratch. But yesterday […]

Lunch ideas: A whole grain by any other name…

Is still a whole grain. Even if it’s coated in caramel, right? Or that’s what […]

Lunch ideas: Of pinwheels and brown sugar tortellini

Admittedly, one of my odder combinations. But it’s what I happened to have on hand […]

Lunch ideas: Thanksgiving and pools don’t mix…

It seemed like such a great idea. My parents were over for Thanksgiving. And because […]

Lunch ideas: Let’s go shopping!

“Daddy, I don’t want you to think I’ll always like it. But I don’t mind […]

Lunch ideas: A most amazing barbecue chicken

Every once in a while, I make a chicken dish that Parker and I can’t […]

Lunch ideas: Of cows, pigs and chickens

That’s my little carnivore for you. Today’s lunch has all three of his favorite food […]

Lunch ideas: Of chia pudding and chicken curry

So last night’s steak and cheese frittata dinner was not so much a hit. It’s […]

Lunch ideas: Tons of giveaways and satisfying my 8-year-old carnivore

During the past couple months I have been lucky (and often overwhelmed) to accumulate many […]