All Posts from October, 2012

The day of the impossible — and pointless — lunch

Today’s lunch was nearly impossible to pack. Not for lack of inspiration, but for lack […]

Hurricane lunch, Day 2

Sigh. 18 hours without power. Two days without school. Want to guess which is more […]

What do you serve with a hurricane?

Legos. A movie. And whatever treats are about. The hurricane has yet to hit us […]

A fruit experiment and a meatball disappoinment

The fruit experiment involves the brown Pac-Man-like things in Parker’s lunch today. I was checking […]

Good dads don’t pack rum in Junior’s lunch box

They keep it for themselves. But I was really tempted to include a splash as […]

Two brilliant lunches. Forgotten

Some days it amazes me I remember to do anything. Because this morning I completely […]

A little bit of flan makes everything fine

Not that my guy has much to complain about. After a long weekend, he’s back […]

The secret is all in the sauce

But I wasn’t trying to deceive Parker. Really. I’m not a big believer in hiding […]

Lunch via India, Australia and Hanukkah

Found myself at our local (and only) Indian market yesterday. I needed a collection of […]

Sorry, but we’re all out of gold-covered lunches

The gold leaf on the chocolate covered pretzel apparently was a big hit. Parker said […]