All Posts from September, 2012

“This is the best chicken ever, Daddy!”

“It’s even better than Arnie’s,” he said. High praise, indeed. Parker is awfully fond of […]

The most comforting autumn lunch ever

Chili. Mashed potatoes. Spicy roasted sweet potatoes. And I slaved over it for about 3 […]

Chili with sweet heat, and a sweet treat

The chili that stars in today’s lunch took just six days and five trips to […]

Are they prunes? Or sun-dried tomatoes?

Thankfully, neither. They would not have been taken lightly by my 8-year-old. Those odd nugget-like […]

Good weeks start with carbs and fat

Or at least this week does. A bit rushed this morning, so I leaned more […]

Of mashed carrots, carbonara and tears

The tears were all mine. And they were roughly 30 years ago. But more on […]

It’s not broccoli. It’s roasted cucumber.

OK. I lied. It was broccoli. But the boy who hates… I mean HATESĀ  broccoli. […]

A baked potato with all the trimmings

I have third grade math to thank for today’s lunch. Parker’s homework last night was […]

A grumpy boy succumbs to bacon

“Why didn’t you come up and snuggle me this morning?” my grumpy child growled from […]

“That’s disgusting! I know it is.”

Not that he’d ever tried it, of course. It was dinner last night. I was […]