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A new lunch box? A wrong decision?

So after much additional angst, I’ve made a decision on a new lunch box. And […]

Is giving up an option?

Because after spending countless hours during the past 24 searching for just the right lunch […]

No time for lunch!!!

At least that’s how it has felt the past couple days. This is Parker’s last […]

Veg Boot Camp Week 2 ends with cucumbers and zucchini hummus

Today marks the last day of two weeks of hard core veggie boot camp. And […]

Cauliflower, carrots and stuffed tomatoes

All in one meal. Seriously. Last night for dinner, I chopped up a head of […]

From chicken hearts to artichoke hearts

My plans for yesterday’s dinner went slightly off course… But in a great way. I’d […]

Veggies! There will be veggies for all!

Parker returned from his sleepover with his grandparents in time for dinner tonight. And it […]

And now… veggies without the tears

To be honest, it’s all a little hard to believe. My son. Eating vegetables. Without […]

Wait for it… “Daddy, can we have those roasted tomatoes with dinner?”

Yet more evidence our children are just messing with us. After lunch yesterday, Parker and […]

But wait… There’s more… tears and veggies.

So last night was not my proudest of parenting moments. Parker’s tears over the damn […]