All Posts from June, 2012

Garlic basil chicken and chocolate mousse

So far an amazing week at the camp. And as usual, the food has made […]

Pizza and a comic book app

Parker is out of my hands today — my last day of work before a […]

Summer starts and lunches continue

Except that yesterday’s lunch was so dull, it didn’t even merit a post. Remember, this […]

The last day of school and the menu is kid’s choice!

And it took only four stops downtown to assemble Parker’s lunch for today. In case […]

Duck egg quiches and a very special shopping spree

Today is a very important day. Mostly because tomorrow is a very important day — […]

A little Nutella and a lot of steak

Sounded like a pretty good way to end the week. So this morning I hacked […]

Fennel-cumin flank steak, as rare as you can get it

There are days when I think my son would be happiest if I simply handed […]

Short rib sandwich and berbere bison pasta

I wasn’t so sure about packing today’s lunch. Parker is going on a field trip […]

Berbere chicken meatballs with odds and ends

Once again found myself really wishing I’d made it to the grocery store yesterday. Once […]

No bread? No problem! Waffle sandwich time

Really needed to go grocery shopping during the weekend. Really couldn’t get motivated to do […]