All Posts from May, 2012

A burger bust and tacos that are just ducky

First, yesterday’s burger… It seemed like such a fine idea. Prep the bun, toppings and […]

Bison burgers and breakfast leftovers

Packing a burger ended up being more complicated than I expected. Last night was a […]

Straws make everything better

It’s true. Especially in summer. Especially when you’re 7. Trouble is, no matter how many […]

Who’s afraid of a little red?

Certainly not Parker. “I LOVE rare steak!” he exclaimed at least a dozen times during […]

More trouble with truffles

Oh, the horror of being a second grade boy plagued by troubles with his truffle […]

Sloppy Joes with truffle salt, of course

“I’m putting some jerky in your lunch today. Do you want alligator or kangaroo?” Pause… […]

My son, the food freak

Yesterday afternoon Parker got suddenly quiet and serious. Prelude to a question. “Daddy, can I […]

Chicken curry on a bun… And a scary realization

I’ve been playing around with recipes for making chicken curry a more grill-friendly dish. I […]

Ham and cheese on brown rice bun (and a homecoming!)

Ah, the challenge of making lunch two days ahead… And making it so it won’t […]

Quiche, alligator jerky and another trip

Parker woke up bright and early today. But for once I wasn’t complaining. I was […]