All Posts from April, 2012

A hot quacker roll

That’s what Parker and I decided these should be called. Because apparently duck sausage rolls […]

Lunch and fine art… a bit delayed

So yesterday (Friday…) was one of those days… Parker woke up early. Parker was on […]

Paddington must be a seriously unhealthy bear

Yesterday was the day of many Paddington Brown recipes. His blueberry muffins for breakfast (with […]

Paddington Brown’s blueberry muffins

And his roasted potatoes and his marmalade chicken. Parker and I are seriously fond of […]

What? No lunch?

Well, at least not one I made. Parker is on school break this week. And […]

Garlic-lime steak and mystery corn chips

Am I the only one who discovers “mystery food” in the house? There I am, […]

Nobody likes slimy deli meat

You know what I’m talking about. After barely a day in the refrigerator, even the […]

A little cinnamon and sugar go a long way

This morning they — with the help of a bit of butter — transformed just […]

The rules of guacamole

There are two rules for a successful lunch box guacamole experience. They are simple, but […]

An oatmeal, banana and strawberry smoothie

Parker asked for a Jawa smoothie this morning. No, I wasn’t sure what went into […]