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What works for breakfast doesn’t always work for lunch

Which took me a bit by surprise. So many of the foods I make Parker […]

A day of yellows and browns

The kumquats were an unexpected success. With one caveat. Though he’s had them before at […]

Kumquats and mini pita pockets

I’m pleased to announce that yesterday’s crab and ricotta quiches were a hit. So much […]

Crab and ricotta quiches

Time for another experiment. When I make mini quiches for Parker, I usually just fill […]

Starting the week off as easy as sushi

So last week’s eggs-in-the-style-of-crepes were a total bust. The good news is that Friday’s fish […]

Fish tacos? Sure!

Because if I’m willing to send him in with rare steak as a taco filling, […]

Eggs in a crepe sort of way

Today was an experiment. Which of course means I may have a hungry and grumpy […]

A bit of this, a bit of that, and pretty soon we have lunch

  One of the reasons people tend to get stressed out by lunch — and […]

If it works for ravioli, it should work for tortellini

One of my favorite ways to prep ravioli for Parker’s lunch is to buy them […]

Can never have enough leftovers

This morning I was blessed with an abundance of leftovers. The best building blocks for […]