All Posts from February, 2012

A day of many minis

Yet another it’s-all-in-how-you-package-it lesson. Yesterday at the grocery store I noticed an abundance of “little” […]

Hot and Cold: Thermos 101

So many folks have had so many great questions about using thermoses, I decided to […]

A hot lunch for a day of cool tubing

This is vacation week for Parker’s school. But since I have that crazy thing called […]

Too exhausted for anything but sushi

The five days we spent at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival were great. […]

Fat Kitty, Kisses and a PB&J

No fancy lunches for today. No fancy lunch boxes, either. Today we are leaving for […]

A last lunch: Truffle mac and cheese and dessert pizza

Last before we hit the road, that is. Tomorrow we head to Miami so I […]

Steak and taters, the long way around

It’s a rare day, even on weekends, that I can plan a meal more than […]

Multitasking my way through three meals

My favorite dinners are those from which I can extract three meals. Last night was […]

The allure of fresh ciabatta

I didn’t intend to repeat the Jawa-wich from earlier this week. But then our weekly […]

The taste of indecision

It is rare, but last night I went to bed with a plan. Before falling […]