All Posts from January, 2012

Underestimating the appeal of brown mush

I knew the mini quiche would be an easy sell. They always are. Cheese, chorizo […]

Junk food had better watch its back

Because the other day Parker came home from school and rushed into the office. “I […]

The case of the missing nunchucks and the oversleeping child

Because that’s what I want to deal with first thing on an already rushed morning. […]

We spend all this time teaching kids to share…

But of course what they’re best at sharing is their germs. Ugh. Long night. Never […]

Or perhaps bland is better for a few days

Parker was heading out to the ski slopes again today. His first time back since […]

For a better tummy, just add balsamic-fig glaze

Parker must be starting to feel better. Last night I made a quick batch of […]

And the tummy rumbles on…

Which is why I decided to play it safe this morning and keep Parker’s lunch […]

On my way home

With any luck, by the time Parker dives into today’s lunch, I’ll be on my […]

A do-ahead lunch and a trip

Some of the hardest lunches to pack are those for when I am away. Today […]

A day off… But so not worth the price

It’s always nice to get a day off lunch duty. Except when the price of […]