All Posts from November, 2011

Bacon-stuffed dates and… a lack of inspiration

Some days, beating the lunch box blues is tougher than others. I woke up today […]

Mole pulled pork… And Martha Stewart

Parker will be in school today and won’t get to see it, but his lunches […]

A holiday giveaway!

To help get everyone in the spirit of holiday giving, I’m doing a great holiday […]

Thanksgiving leftovers edition

Thanksgiving was great. We had it all. A turkey, Mom’s spanakopita, mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, […]

A lunch so good it needs repeating

Parker was barely downstairs this morning and already he was asking for more quiche. Well… […]

OK, I want this lunch…

Despite the effort I put into Parker’s lunch, I’m actually not much of a lunch […]

Lunch… And time for reading

Some days, mornings are disasters. Some days, they go crazy smooth. And there never seems […]

The house smells like cinnamon and bananas

Because Parker has been requesting rice pudding for several weeks. I just haven’t had time […]

Gaaa! Overslept edition…

My usual morning routine was rudely interrupted by oversleeping this morning. As a result, there […]

The Communal Table

Pardon the interruption to your usual brown bag lunch blog. I wanted to take a […]