All Posts from October, 2011

Hold the pate, please!

“I want you to try this and see what you think,” I said, holding out […]

If he’s going to be jazzed on sugar, better at school than at home

I went light on lunch today because the chances that he’ll actually eat much of […]

Happy for a rainy day

And that probably makes me a bad dad. But this afternoon Parker was supposed to […]

A roasted pumpkin seeds and mashed potatoes sort of morning

I just couldn’t find a focus this morning. And three-quarters of a pot of coffee […]

Mashed potatoes and roast beef!

Because it’s a chilly fall day and nothing warms the heart of my little guy […]

Chicken fried steak and a popeye

Last night I decided to introduce my seriously carnivorous son to the wonder that is […]

Finishing the week on a sweet note

Was feeling utterly uninspired this morning. And Parker was feeling picky. Not a great combination. […]

Two kinds of crepes

The other day I realized Parker has never had crepes. Mostly because I’m just not […]

A quiche and kefta sort of day

Five lonely phyllo dough shells in the freezer inspired me to whip up easy mini […]

If not octopus, perhaps sneaky shrimp?

I really am not a fan of hiding healthy ingredients in more child-friendly foods… The […]