All Posts from September, 2011

Rinse and repeat

Today’s lunch look remarkably like yesterdays? Why yes… Because I needed to pack them at […]

No bread, please!

So Parker loved yesterday’s ham and cheese sandwich. Except for the bread. He didn’t like […]

Trying to get out of town edition

This week I feel like I’m sort of phoning it in. Haven’t had the time […]

A leftover spatchcocked lunch

I just love that word. Last night my quick dinner solution was a spatchcocked chicken. […]

Call it Italian sushi

Because that’s what it makes me think of. It’s called panini roll, but it’s just […]

A bottom-of-the-barrel sort of day

Because I just haven’t had time to go shopping. So today he got whatever I […]

Roasted chicken becomes pulled chicken

Last night I simply had to have roast chicken. Must be the weather. So while […]

Now with avocado!

I told Parker I was going to lay off the steak tacos for a while. […]

Beating the chill with mashed potatoes

Today is rainy and chilly. And that makes me so glad to have upgraded Parker’s […]

Birthday party leftovers

This morning was short on time and long on leftovers. Parker’s birthday party was Saturday […]